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How-To – Traveling with Your Medication

How-To - Traveling with Your Medication

Vacation and travels are well underway for you and your family. With this, it’s essential to ensure that your prescription brought safely with you. When packing for a getaway, constantly ensure that you collect your medicine in its original labeled bottle and always bring with you a copy of the prescription when traveling outside the country to prevent problems at the immigration and to help in drug identification in case of emergencies.

Never try to spare luggage spaces by mixing medicines into a single package. Also, bring your prescriptions with you in your carry-on bag all the time. You may also consider putting silica packs in pill vials if a prolonged trip is intended in humid/hot places.

Regular medicines with specific storage specifications include liquid antibiotics and insulin. For diabetic patients, remember that insulin is only stable at room temperature for not more than 30 days. Insulin that will not be utilized within that period must be refrigerated and kept cool for the duration of the trip.

Kids’ liquid antibiotics may differ in their prescribed storage requirements. Other liquids that must be refrigerated are cephalexin, and some that should be stored at room temperature is azithromycin. Others may contain different expiry dates on health products.

Always check with your pharmacist about your specific medications and medical supplies in Florida before traveling.

Diligence about storing your medication safely and properly will help guarantee that you get the most out of your medication even when traveling. Call Your Choice Pharmacy, your pharmacy in Tampa, Florida for more health advice.

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