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FAQs on Stroke Prevention

FAQs on Stroke Prevention

Being familiar with the prevention guidelines of stroke is a very important key in raising the awareness and inhibition of obtaining the disease, especially during the advanced years. These guidelines intend to cover all kinds of strokes.

  • What is a stroke?

    Stroke is described as an injury to our brain created by a blockage of the blood supply.

  • What are the types of stroke?
    • An ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel inside or heading to the brain is clogged.
    • A hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel rupture creates a non-ischemic/bleeding stroke.
    • A transient ischemic attack appears when the blockage is transient but can be deemed a major risk factor for a larger stroke.
  • Why are the guidelines to prevent/manage stroke important?

    The guidelines are modernized based on the contemporary research conclusions with a result concluding that healthy lifestyle modifications can decrease the risk of a first stroke by eighty percent (80%).

  • What is in the guideline?
    • Quit/not smoking
    • Eat a low-fat diet loaded with fruits and vegetables
    • Drink alcohol in regulation
    • Exercise daily
    • Maintain a normal body weight
    • Take vitamins and use medical supplies in Florida

As a result of old age, older adults may face challenges in following the healthy guidelines in preventing a stroke and the essential health products needed to support this guideline.

Talk to your doctor the necessary lifestyle changes in lowering your risks of a stroke. Visit Your Choice Pharmacy, your pharmacy in Tampa, Florida for health advice.

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